Nicole Hoey, OOS Reporting Assistant

While going to college for business marketing, Nicole worked part time as a lifeguard and little did she know started her winery career pouring in the tasting room of a small winery. Once Nicole started to learn a little more, she decided to take classes at SRJC in the wine department. Soon she realized a new found passion. During her time in the wine studies courses, while making a Sauvignon Blanc, she found out that learning about wine suited her more than making it. While finishing classes she started at Benziger Family Winery and Imagery Estate under the mentorship of the Benziger clan. Nicole thoroughly enjoy the ever changing world of wine. Looking for a challenge, she found herself at DH Wine Compliance, learning new rules and fine tuning her brain to world of winery compliance and reporting.

What sound do you love? The serenity of waves crashing on the rocks
If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet? Mahatma Gandhi
What is your favorite wine? Anything Italian- Especially Sangiovese & Teroldego
What is your favorite wine related experience? Helping with harvest; picking early in the morning and using the forklift to dump the bins into the crusher
When was the last time you had an amazing meal? Pretty much every meal I don’t try to make myself is amazing
Heels or sneakers? Both


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