2014 Classes

Alcohol compliance is a highly regulated field. Compliance experts aren’t licensed or formally trained in compliance requirements and regulations. Traditionally compliance knowledge is on the job training and a lot of trial and error. Falling out of compliance puts your permits at risk and without permits your business is in jeopardy.

You need to take your compliance seriously. Your business depends on it.

The Wine Compliance Academy will help you reduce the expense, risk and wasted time.You can take classes to learn about compliance or sign up for our qualification program to become a Qualified Compliance Professional.

The Wine Compliance Academy (WCA) teaches compliance topics ranging from agency overviews to step-by-step instructions for filing applications. We provide levels of instruction for novice, intermediate, and advanced individuals. The WCA is a great environment to learn important regulatory requirements and tips on keeping your compliance organized and accurate. Tips for file organization, compliance management and a one-on-one study hall can be used by all.

Class Pricing:
$199.00 per course

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2014 Class Syllabus

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