Drea Helfer, President & Compliance Consultant

Lisa Salling, OOS Compliance Director

Alissa De La Riva, OOS Senior Compliance Specialist

Crystal Hollingsworth, OOS Senior Compliance Specialist

Cecily Amador, OOS Senior Compliance Specialist

Liz Sullivan, OOS Senior Reporting Specialist



Jennifer Ramirez, OOS Compliance Specialist

Deanna Blevins, OOS Compliance Specialist

Rebecca Escarcega, OOS Compliance Specialist

Krista Solorio, OOS Compliance Specialist

Eryn Supple, OOS Compliance Specialist

Kaley Vincent, OOS Compliance Assistant

Beth Allen, OOS Reporting Specialist

Brynne Todd, OOS Reporting Assistant

Milli Conover, Operational Reporting Specialist

Kim Dupuis, Operational Reporting Specialist

Natalie Rose, Federal & State Product Registration Specialist

Caitlin Godfrey, Operational Licensing Specialist

Danica Cadoux, Operational Licensing Assistant

Chelsey Quinn, Controller

Shannon Mills, Senior Accounting Manager

Kit Vogt, Client Relations Manager

Ali Lord, Executive Personal Assistant to the President

Sara Molina, Executive Personal Assistant to the President

Kari Hamilton, Office Administrator




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