Lisa Salling, Senior Compliance Specialist

An intrigue into the world of compliance began for Lisa while employed at her small town bank in 1994. Wine compliance stole her away in 2001 when Lisa joined an alcohol compliance firm. Later she transitioned to compliance manager of a Calistoga winery, where she was also a part of operations, crushing, bottling, sales, tasting room management, wine club and anything else that came across her desk. In 2013, Lisa’s compliance skills came full circle when she joined the DHWC team. When she is not swimming in state regulations, you might find her on a North Coast beach, or enjoying downtime with family and good friends, or perhaps taking a Sunday drive – just a “touch” over the speed limit.

What sound do you love? Water: waves crashing, creeks running and rain falling (preferably curled up with a book and hot beverage).
If you could learn to do anything what would it be? Be fearless
If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet? My great-great grandparents. To hear the stories that are lost, how cool would that be?!
If you could travel to anywhere in the universe, where would you go? New Zealand by way of Fiji
Wine, beer or spirits? YES!


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