AboutDHWineComplianceDH Wine Compliance is a full service compliance firm specializing in licensing, reporting and consulting. Our company values focus on customer service and a high level of expertise. With over 85 years of combined experience, the DH Wine Compliance staff is experienced in all areas of alcohol compliance. We will assist your organization in obtaining and maintaining compliance for three-tier and direct-to-consumer shipping. In addition, our services extend to include COLAs, operational reporting, TTB and ABC licensing along with trade names and consulting services.

DH Wine Compliance was formed in January of 2010 with the goal of achieving three main directives: True customer service, top notch compliance expertise and a work environment which honors and appreciates its employees. Fast forward to 2015, DH Wine Compliance services over 300 clients and is regarded as one of the best compliance companies in California. In addition, DH Wine Compliance was recently awarded the North Bay Business Journals 2014 Best Places to Work in the 15-50 employee category.

Because of our team and superior services, our company is sought after by organizations of various sizes and complexities. We take pride in the quality of our work while continually exploring options to improve efficiency and excellence. Our staff is trained on the intricate details of all areas of wine compliance. At DH Wine Compliance, we strive to create a partnership that will serve as an invaluable tool to your organization. Our expertise and dependability will allow you to focus on building your business.

Our teams:

The Cal-Fed licensing team handles all home state and federal licensing, COLA/FLA submission, trade name additions, etc. The operational reporting department completes and files all TTB, SBOE, CDFA and ABC operational reports.

The out-of-state licensing department assists our clients in obtaining and maintaining licenses for both three-tier and direct-to-consumer. The maintenance includes license applications, renewals, brand registrations and renewals, distributor and territory appointments, research projects and price posting.

Our out-of-state reporting department handles all three-tier and direct-to-consumer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reporting for excise and sales tax. In both out-of-state departments we utilize and maintain ShipCompliant accounts.

Our administrative department handles all client billing, tracking of payments, client database information, office organization and management.

While we are divided into teams, there is an emphasis on working together as a combined group because the action in each department affects the other. In turn, our clients are serviced at the highest level.


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